Episode 012

What is the difference between average and greatness?

Tim Smith is a performance improvement coach and founder of TDS Performance Improvement. He works with individuals and companies to help them realize the benefits of contagious performance improvement.

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The Struggle is Real:

  • Tim shares that his primary struggle was with the sales component of his business.  He naturally felt that sales was more about bragging and less about listening which runs counter to his core beliefs.  He also struggled with getting caught up with learning, going to webinars and seminars and not actively marketing and selling his business.  He has since overcome this barrier and has grown a successful coaching business.

Celebrate the Victories:

  • Tim believes his best victory is helping his clients improve and increase efficiency when working through problems and projects. He strives to help his clients experience a “shazaam” moment. Tim also shares how his proprietary system, as well as his trademarked Mynd Time really impacts companies, and how Tuesday mornings are the best opportunity for Mynd Time to declutter.

If I knew Then:

  • Tim is a reformed perfectionist and has learned the importance of going to market with a minimally viable product versus striving on perfection and leaving your perfect product on the shelf.  He identifies Apple as a great example of going to market with a good product and then listening to customer feedback to make improvements for new releases.

That ONE Thing:

  • First and foremost is that the most important things are not things at all; they are people. People are the most important piece of the business element. When you interact with a company, you are not talking to the brand or logo, you are interacting with their people.
    Tim also expresses the importance of communication and how most people tend to listen with the purpose of responding versus listening with the purpose of understanding. Tim also debunks the myth of multi-tasking and often challenges people who are “great multi-taskers” with an exercise where he gives them a pad of paper and then has a person on each side of them talking. The multi-tasker is tasked with capturing each person’s comments. He has yet to have someone completely comprehend both conversations proving that multi-tasking is nothing more than doing multiple things half-way.  Tim also shares techniques that you can implement to become more efficient in managing distractions.

Advice to Entrepreneurs:

  • Tim's best advice to entrepreneurs is to do what you enjoy and are passionate about.  Otherwise you run the risk of losing interest and inviting failure.

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