Episode: 011

What is the difference between average and greatness?

Rhonda Morton is a transformation specialist.  She is the owner of Savannah Consulting where she coaches individuals to help them unlock their potential.  She uses powerful techniques that help people identify blind spots and reprogram the limbic system of the brain to form new habits that will help people move past the limiting beliefs that are holding them back from greatness.  She shares her story, how she defines success, what she believes is the difference between average and greatness, and who she would have love to have lunch with!

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The Struggle is Real:

  • Rhonda shares that her greatest struggle came from the tough transition of being a driver that wanted to do everything herself

Celebrate the Victories:

  • Rhonda explains that the victories that are the most meaningful for her are the days where she feels that she loves her life.  She is deliberate and intentional about appreciating each day and identifying the blessings.  She shares that if she ever wakes up and does not feel that she loves her life, then it is time to change.

If I knew Then:

  • The lesson that Rhonda wishes she would have adopted sooner is the ability to effectively collaborate.  She shares that she was prone to the "do it all by yourself" mentality and she was uncomfortable with feeling vulnerable and asking for help.  Over the years she has used her own techniques to reprogram her beliefs around doing everything herself to effectively collaborating with others.

That ONE Thing:

  • The ONE thing that Rhonda emphasizes to help people achieve greatness is to try to identify the blind spots or limiting beliefs that are holding them back.  She shares how we tend to have bad habits instilled in our limbic system, and how the techniques used to erase the bad habits or beliefs and reprogram with powerful and effective habits that breed success.

Fun Question:

  • Rhonda shares whom she would have lunch with, past or present, and what is the first question she would ask.  Her is answer is one of the most authentic people and the question is not what I thought.

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