Episode 022

Peter Wallin

Peter Wallin is an inspirational entrepreneur and has been an entrepreneur for two decades. He is a thought leader that truly cares about his community and is always trying to raise the bar for being a better person. He has built a very successful insurance agency in a hyper competitive industry. Peter shares how he built his agency, what sets him apart from the online commodities, how to write and publish a book and the very simple thing that sets great people apart from average!

What is the difference between average and greatness?

Peter uses a very applicable sports analogy of the baseball player that hits an average .250 versus that great player that bats .300.  In this instance it is one hit in twenty that makes the difference.  Peter then shares that it is focusing on the small things, every day, consistently that will help you make one extra hit.

If I knew Then:

  • The biggest lesson that Peter Wallin has learned over the years is the power of systems and processes.  He urges entrepreneurs to think like a franchise when building their company.  Peter shares a story of a local coffee shop that was doing around $4,500 in weekly revenue.  Eventually they sold to Dunkin Donuts who built their facility, installed their systems, hired people to run the operation and today are doing nearly $45,000 in weekly revenue.  Same product, same location yet 10x results because of a better system.

That ONE Thing:

  • The ONE thing that Peter encourages entrepreneurs to focus on is the power of relationships.  He explains that people buy from people they know, like and trust.  If you focus on building genuine relationships instead of just trying to sell someone something, you will achieve much greater success.

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