Episode: 005

 What is the difference between average and greatness?

Nhat Pham is the founder of SuccessWerks and known as the Social Media Samurai, he is a digital and social media guru that helps his clients achieve large social audiences and high levels of engagement all the way through conversion.  On Launch to Greatness he shares the 5 M’s of Social Media Mastery and strategies for building a massive "tribe" that all entrepreneurs can implement for success.

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The Struggle is Real:

  • Nhat's struggle starting out was being ahead of the trend curve and trying to convince his clients that "If it's not broke....break it" so they could see industry leading results.

Celebrate the Victories:

  • Nhat shares a few victories with the largest being helping one of his restaurant clients achieve national recognition as best in class three years in a row!

If I knew Then:

  • The lesson that often has Nhat saying "if I knew then, what I know now, is to be more self aware, focus on installing the right systems and processes, and surround yourself with mentors."  Nhat discusses how these three elements can expedite your success!

That ONE Thing:

  • Nhat shares the 5 M's of Social Media Mastery that will help you maximize your business exposure and engagement on social media.
    • Mission
    • Market
    • Message
    • Method
    • Metrics

Parting Wisdom:

  • Nhat speaks specifically how he built a massive twitter following over 10,600!

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