Episode 024

Kim Overton

Kim has been a life long entrepreneur dating back to her childhood days of holding bake sales, garage sales, and even hosting a carnival that was featured in the local paper in Austin, TX.  She grew up a competitive gymnast and eventually went on to study music at NYU.  It was in NYC that she co-founded a tech company in 1997.  After 9/11 she was deeply effected and was reminded to do what she loved.  She then started into the fitness industry in 2002 as a personal trainer and launched her first fitness video, Love Your Legs.  While out on a run, she was inspired to create the product that has launched her current company, SPIbelt, into the ranks of the Inc.500 fastest growing companies!

What is the difference between average and greatness?

Kim believes that the difference between average and greatness is her ability to embrace fear, move forward out of her comfort zone and deliver something that surprises the market.  Her ability to put the right people in the right roles in her company, allowing her to focus on what she loves with delighting her customers, has allowed SPIbelt to really grow tremendously.

If I knew Then:

Simply put...Kim would have hired an expert in the beginning.  She worked until exhaustion in the early days working in every area of her business, learning every detail. With some great press, she experienced exponential growth causing her to reach capacity quickly and she had to hire a production manager with logistics and planning experience.  Once they were onboarded she realized how much of an asset they were, and how great it would have been to have them from the start.  She advises other entrepreneurs starting out to align themselves with the right people that can help grow their business quickly.

That ONE Thing:

Kim's ONE Thing is her fearlessness.  She is not afraid to try new things to push the market.  When she identifies something she wants to pursue, she goes at it hard core and gets out of the way of her self and moves forward.

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