Episode 26

Kevin Webb

Kevin Webb is a high energy entrepreneur that has been building his fitness company, KW Fitness, for three and half years.  He has been recognized locally and regionally for tremendous growth.  He has a background in business and is a certified personal trainer who graduated from the American Academy of Personal Training.

If I knew Then:

Having a business coach has been critical to Kevin's success.  He shares that he hired a fitness coach, Net Profit Explosion, a few days before opening.  He affirms that with their support and guidance it has contributed significantly to his tremendous growth and success.

The Secret to Fitness:

Simply put...it's priority.  Everyone is given the same amount of time and what we choose to spend that time on that is up to us.  If you say fitness is important to you, yet you can never seem to make time to stick to a routine...it's because you are giving your time to something else.  So if you want to have success in sticking with a fitness program, evaluate what are you actually spending time doing and make the decision of what is more important.  Then re-prioritize!

3 Years From Now:

They are currently expanding 2100 sqft, and three years in the future will be triple the size and servicing at least 200 clients.  His goal is also to build KW Fitness to allow him to invest more time giving back to his community.

Interview Links:

  • www.kwfitness607.com
  • kevin@kwfitness607.com
  • facebook.com/kwfitness607
  • 3032 Old Vestal Road, Vestal NY
  • 607-217-7634

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