Episode 020

Billy Van Jura

Bill Van Jura is what I like to refer to as a happen maker. He is a high energy, self-motivated, husband and father of two that in his professional life he is the founder of Birchyard LLC which applies a different philosophy to insurance industry. As the founder of Birchyard his mission is to provide his clients with consistent solid advice and leave everybody he consults with in a better position.

What is the difference between average and greatness?

The difference between average and greatness comes down to two words.  Choice and Ownership.  You choose to be whatever your definition of great is and then you own that decision in each and every way.  You must understand that it is a choice and you own the decisions wrapped around that.  There will be days where personal responsibility is brutal, but if you chose to be responsible and take ownership of your decisions it will be absolutely liberating!

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The Struggle is Real:

  • Billy shares that while his early efforts were working and his marketing was succeeding, he was ignorant to many areas of his industry.  He was then was rocked by a personal tragedy out of nowhere.  He focused on reading and leaning on his network to learn how to push through his situation.

Celebrate the Victories:

  • On Billy's journey he realizes that he was not celebrating the small victories along the way.  His largest victory came out of a failed partnership.  He pursued a partnership early on and just could not get it off the ground.  Ultimately his gut instinct drove him to walk away and pursue his own venture.

If I knew Then:

  • Influenced by Sean Stephenson's "When Life Works List" he has created the list of things that he can do each day to re-create his best days.  He ties this in with the habit of reading and having clarity that he is in charge of his life and how it is lived.

That ONE Thing:

  • Without a doubt everything comes off of those couple of words that give Billy his clarity.  He realizes that time is the most important resource and needs to be carefully managed.  His simple mantra that drives his success is "if it does not add to my happiness, or my income, or it doesn't get any time...period."

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