Episode 019

Alisa Parmenter

Alisa Parmenter is an incredible entrepreneur who is truly defined by living the life she wants.  She identifies what she wants in life and does not let adversity stand in the way.  She has a strong background in Marketing, Advertising, and Promotion and in 2009 launched her own agency, ECG Promotions.  She is also very active in her community and volunteers with a number of non profits.

What is the difference between average and greatness?

Alisa shares that we all have the ability to be great. Three things that will help people achieve greatness:

  1. Setting Goals – Take the time to really think about what you want, set a goal, write it down and revisit it daily. (And Yes she does practice what she preaches!)
  2. Be Committed – Make a true commitment to doing whatever it takes to achieve your goals
  3. Follow Through – Stay the course and continually work your plan towards your goals.

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The Struggle is Real:

  • The struggle for Alisa was having to ask for money.  She is so driven by helping people that she felt uncomfortable charging people to help them achieve their marketing goals.  She had to evaluate the market and learn what a fair price would be for the value she delivers to her clients.
  • She also experienced difficult times during the first year because she was struggling with making enough money to really be worth her efforts. She had gone back and forth between pushing forward and possibly going back to corporate America. She finally challenged herself with the question “Am I all in or am I all out?!” She committed to being all in and pursuing her dreams.

Celebrate the Victories:

  • Alisa makes it a point to celebrate the victories, even the little ones. She finds that the little victories bring affirmation and motivate her to achieve more. Her defining victory was opening her office in 2013 and finally taking her business out of the home. It created a sense of pride to show off her business to her family, friends and clients. She also celebrates the anniversary of opening her office every year!

If I knew Then:

  • Alisa started out thinking she had to take every client. She quickly realized that she would not be able to provide the quality to all of her clients by doing that. She decided that she would only accept business where the value was mutually beneficial and she shares that it is ok to turn down business or to tell your clients “I am not accepting new clients right now.”

That ONE Thing:

  • Personal thank you notes go a long way. We live in a society where we are so digitally connected that we forget to take a step back and actually connect with people face to face. Next time you feel gratitude for someone, and you start to text or email, step back write a hand written thank you note. Call them on the phone, go see them, and connect personally!

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