Episode 016

Alan Rae

Alan Rae is someone who has dedicated his life’s work to emerging technology and advancing economies.  He is involved in multiple organizations as the Chief Technology Officer, he is active on a number of boards of technology and nanotechnology companies, President of his own company Renew Rare Earth and Executive Director of Alfred Technology Resources which is an incubator for emerging tech companies.  His newest project Incubator Works in the Southern Tier of New York is doing some incredible things to advance the local economy as well as global technology.  Alan is one of the most motivated, intelligent and successful people I have met and I am honored to have him on Launch to Greatness!

What is the difference between average and greatness?

Alan shares a few points that help people achieve greatness.  First and foremost is having the long term clear vision of what you are setting out to achieve and the proper steps to get there.  Additionally, companies that are opened minded and listen to mentors and advisers tend to fair better than those who do not.  Lastly, being financially prudent is essential.  It is important to be frugal with spending and wise about the type of money and debt you take.

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The Struggle is Real:

  • The greatest challenge that Alan Rae faced early on was within the first six months of setting out on his own.  While Alan had a strong network, when he tapped into that network to generate business he was greeted with "nothing but crickets"!  After several months of silence his perseverance was rewarded with some government contracts.

Celebrate the Victories:

  • One of the victories that Alan shares is the transition that was required when their model was mature, yet losing money.  They had to restructure the program, which has resulted in refreshed tenants that are graduating and adding value to the local economy, and most importantly positive cash flow.

If I knew Then:

  • The lesson that Alan feels would have had the greatest impact is that "you should worry about, and fret over, the things you can control and not worry about the rest."  People that spend their time focusing on things outside of their control tend to end up stuck and not progressing forward.

That ONE Thing:

  • In the words of Winston Churchill; "Never, never, never give up."  You have to keep your goal in mind, regardless if you have adversity or have to make pivots.  You have to keep moving forward and just know that even on the day that you know will be a struggle, as long as you keep moving forward you will get there.  Success is a byproduct of doing the right thing.

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