Episode 025

AJ Davis

AJ Davis is a young and driven entrepreneur that has built a successful lawn care business. He shares why he chose this industry, some of the struggles he currently faces, some funny stories, some good lessons, and which group of people he most admires.

If I knew Then:

To put the brake on a trailer when it's parked on a hill....[you have to listen to the episode for this funny story].  One piece of advice he offers to entrepreneurs starting out is to look for opportunities to work for other people in their industry.  It is a great way to get experience and knowledge that will help you when launching your business.

The group he admires most:

AJ shares his admiration for Navy SEALs.  He has read many books written by SEALs and loves their dedication, selflessness and refusal to quit.  He shares how many of the lessons that they learn in SEAL school translate well to the business world.

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